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Precinto de barra para contenedores BLOCK BAR

Bar seal for containers



Bar seals for containers .

Bar-type seals are the absolute solution to increase security, especially for very valuable cargo, a seal that bases its security on robustness and in turn combines the mechanical technology of our bottle-type seals, thus reducing the risk of tampering. to the minimum.

We have 3 versions of bar-type seals, currently the BLOCK BAR is among the cheapest on the market.

Its use is simple, its safety is unquestionable.



barrier seal block bar technical design


Width: 35 mm
Length: 480 mm



barrier seal block bar colors customizations


Galvanized steel


– Numbers and letters ENGRAVED on the metal
– Correlative numbering of up to 6 digits
– Personalization with a maximum of 15 characters on one line.


Box with 25 units
Box measurements: 50×20×15 cm
Box weight: 13.5 kg

Como usarlo

BLOCK BAR is an ISO 17712:2013 approved bar seal. It is a very economical and easy to use bar seal. This is also individually wrapped.

A) Insert the BLOCK BAR  between the center bars of the container, making sure that the curved part of the seal perfectly matches the left bar of the container.

block bar barrier seal how to use it

B) Close the BLOCK BAR  with the appropriate numbered and personalized nail, taking care:
a) Place the closing nail as close as possible to the second bar of the container.
b) Verify the correct closure of the  locking BLOCK BAR by pulling vigorously on the outer blade of the seal to verify proper engagement of the locking pin.

block bar barrier seal how to use it

C) In this way, the optimal locking of the container door is obtained.
The  block BLOCK BAR is also visible from afar and its integrity is easily found.

block bar barrier seal how to use it

D) A good wire cutter is required to remove the lock bar.
Once the BLOCK BAR seal has been cut , there is no way to reuse it.

* BLOCK BAR  l is a steel stamp and is completely recyclable. Take care to collect the ferrous material and take it to one of the collection centers. By doing so, we will contribute to the well-being of our world.

block bar barrier seal how to use it

block bar barrier seal how to use it



certificati iconaCertificados necesarios para el uso de sellos de alta seguridad ISO 17712:2013
certificates iconDayton T. Brown ISO 17712
certificates iconSGS certificate

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